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    Please note 1 Clients which have their accounts run on the US InstaForex server get cash rebates in real time right after the trade is closed.

    For all other servers, cash rebate payments occur once or twice a day. In this case, payments will occur twice a day automatically.

    Партнёры компании могут зарабатывать баллы самостоятельно, совершая торговые операции на валютном рынке, или получать их с каждой закрытой сделкой привлечённых клиентов.

    The delayed payment transactions will appear as "Pending" in your FxCash account history. Once the day period has lapsed, your funds will be automatically transferred to your account.

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    As of now, all withdrawal requests made through InstaForex staforex cupon bonus 2019 area are processed in compliance with Insta Service Ltd. Offer to the General Public Clause 4. In case your deposit currency differs from your account currency, the broker will use an average rate, which depends on both current rate and the deposit amount, when processing your withdrawal request.

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    In case your trading account is included into FxCash Service, an average weighted exchange rate will be used to process your withdrawal requests. To learn more, please direct any questions to InstaForex Accounting.

    staforex cupon bonus 2019

    We at FxCash recommend you avoiding currency conversion in InstaForex by matching your deposit or withdrawal currency and your account currency. The exchange rate of dollar funds to trading accounts in the derivation of the ruble QIWI establish a brokerage company.

    Unfortunately, we can not affect it. Reason: обновление.